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Moskvich will release two more production models by the end of the year

Moskvich will release two more production models by the end of the year
The management of the Moskvich plant spoke about plans for the current year. Two new models will appear in the manufacturer's lineup. The first will be a sedan, the second - a large crossover. Copies of which Chinese models they will be - not reported.

The head of KamAZ said that the launch of two new vehicles is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year. Recall that the manufacturer of heavy domestic trucks is a technological partner and at the same time the manager of the Moskvich plant.

Experts believe that a copy of the Chinese JAC Sehol A5 Plus will become the new sedan of the revived Russian brand. This can be judged by last year's July presentation of the Moskvich lineup.

«Москвич» до конца года выпустит еще две серийные моделиThis JAC S7 crossover can transform into Moskvich. Photo: Youtube.com

However, Sehol A5 Plus only looks like a sedan. In fact, he is a full-fledged liftback. But this is not so important, or simply the management of the Moskvich plant did not understand the features of the model well. Or maybe the Chinese will really remake their car for Russia.

As for the big crossover, it will probably be the JAC S7. Although it is difficult to call it full-size, especially considering that under the hood there is only a one and a half liter turbocharged engine.

So far, the plant produces one model - Moskvich 3 with gasoline or electric engines. This is the usual SKD assembly from Chinese car kits. In the near future, the company is planning a large-scale localization of production.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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