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Automatic transmission: look inside - nothing complicated!

Automatic transmission: look inside - nothing complicated!
When they say: “automatic box”, something immediately seems overly complex, incomprehensible and terribly expensive. Moreover, in the latter case, both during the purchase and repair, maintenance. But in fact, after watching the video on the Denis MECHANIK channel, you will understand: the automatic transmission has a simple principle of operation, which can be clearly seen.

Along the way, Denis will tell you how to use the "machine" so that it serves you as long as possible. For example, you will understand why it is impossible to stand at a crossroads with the automatic transmission lever in the “neutral” position. And also the author will saw the so-called. "donut" to show what's inside and how it works.

You will also learn many unexpected subtleties: for example, why you need to remove the oil pan to change the oil in an automatic transmission. The master shows a disassembled used unit: when you see what is inside, you will immediately understand that you need to have access to the gearbox elements when filling in new lubricant. At the next stage, Denis removes the valve body - the main "source" of breakdowns, as well as the electronic module, which also does not indulge the car owner with a long service life. What's inside and why does it all fail? Watch the video! And the specialist will tell you why you need to activate “D” after starting the engine and stand for a minute with the brake pressed.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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