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Russian dealer offers to buy a new Toyota Levin is a Corolla for China

Russian dealer offers to buy a new Toyota Levin is a Corolla for China
Russian drivers have the opportunity to purchase a new Toyota Corolla in one of the car dealerships. True, this is a car for the Chinese market, and there it is sold as Levin. But the car is in a rich configuration for a budget model.

Those wishing to purchase a “real Japanese” car, however, of a Chinese assembly, may be deterred by two circumstances. Firstly, our drivers would prefer a car assembled in the Land of the Rising Sun. Secondly, the Levin model is considered budget. That's just asking for it in Russia quite immodest 2,25 million rubles. But the car has no run.

Under the hood of the Chinese "Corolla" is a time-tested turbocharged engine with a volume of 1,2 liters. This is the 8NR-FTS series, officially introduced in May 2015. The motor develops 116 liters. With. and is economical, coupled with good dynamics for a small car.

Российский дилер предлагает купить новую Toyota Levin – это Corolla для КитаяSufficiently luxurious interior for the budget class. Photo: Youtube.com

The equipment of the brought car is rich - most likely, this is the "top" version of the Toyota Levin. For 2,25 million rubles, the future owner will receive a leather interior, climate control and even a system to keep the car in the right lane while driving.

Just in case, we recall that the Toyota Corolla for the Chinese market, produced under the name Levin, is assembled at the GAC Toyota JV. The work of the plant is established under the constant supervision of Japanese specialists.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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