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Honda Valkyrie - this is what happens if you make a cruiser out of Golda

Honda Valkyrie - this is what happens if you make a cruiser out of Golda
Motorcycles of the Honda brand are well-deservedly popular in the world. In Russia, they numerically prevail over other Japanese, and even more so European and American brands.

Honda is an average ideal in everything, although other manufacturers have models that are more interesting. For example, I like Suzuki better, they have such legends as Street Magic and Hayabusa.

Honda also has titan motorcycles that kick-started an entire class. The most recognizable will, of course, be Golda, aka Gold Wing. But the “tourist” began with an ordinary road model, close to cruisers.

Honda Valkyrie – вот что получится, если сделать из «Голды» круизерIt just looks monumental. Photo: Youtube.com

But today we will talk about another motorcycle, created on the Golda chassis in 1996. This is the Honda Valkyrie, a huge cruiser with a six-cylinder engine. Its volume will give odds to any average car - from 1,5 to 1,8 liters.

Despite the hopes of the manufacturer, the Valkyrie of the first generation was not in high demand. However, the second and third, too.

First generation

It is difficult to say what prompted the Honda concern to create the Valkyrie or Valya. Most likely, the demand for the Gold Wing model, which, by the way, still does not have full-fledged competitors in the class.

This is a modification for travel with the prefix Interstate. Photo: Youtube.com

Deciding that it was time to make a better cruiser than the American ones, the manufacturer in 1996 launched the Valkyrie Standart. This is almost a classic American bike from the 60s and 70s, but with an atypical six-cylinder engine from Gold Wing.

The motor received a number of improvements:

✅ Six carburetors instead of two
✅ Power increased
✅ Hydraulic lifters were replaced with mechanical rockers

The modified power unit was carefully decorated with chrome, which the model already has in abundance.

Despite the size and massiveness, the motorcycle turned out to be quite dynamic. It accelerates to 100 km/h in 3,9 seconds. Of course, compared to liter "sports" this is not much, but for a cruiser - an excellent result.

The huge engine gleams with chrome. Photo: Youtube.com

In addition to the Honda Valkyrie Standart, which was produced until 2003, there were other modifications. For example, Tourer and Interstate. The first received two plastic wardrobe trunks on the sides, the second is a cross between a cruiser and a tourist model. These modifications were not in great demand.

To make the motorcycle as reliable as possible, Honda engineers have strengthened a number of nodes:

✅ Traverses
✅ Fork
✅ Rear shock absorbers
✅ Pendulum
✅ Frame

The bike not only looks massive and solidly built, it is.

Weaknesses of the first generation

Honda GL1500 Valkyrie is a rather rare motorcycle in Russia. However, there are more of them on the used market than other generations combined - 20-25 copies on average. The model is considered reliable and "indestructible".

The age of the bike is serious, and this threatens with high mileage and possible accidents in the past. You should not take a motorcycle with damaged elements - it is difficult to find them, and it will be expensive.

Tourer modification. Photo: Youtube.com

You will have to get used to the front brakes - they are frankly "cotton". At speeds up to 90 km / h, the Valkyrie can be quickly stopped, but if the arrow rises higher, you should forget about emergency maneuvers. You have to combine front and rear brakes - you need a habit.

When buying, inspect the fork for oil leaks and check how smooth it is. Although it is stronger than on the old Gold, the bike is still heavy. If the owner often drove on bad roads, then problems with the fork will not be long in coming. Tip - it is better to fill in the oil as thick as possible, and not what the manufacturer recommends.

On the engine, it should be noted the need to synchronize six carburetors. They themselves are trouble-free, but without adjustment they may not work correctly. Synchronization is recommended to be done every 15 km.

The low-speed engine is immediately visible on the tachometer. Photo: Youtube.com

The engine with a timing belt drive, it takes care of 160 thousand km. As a rule, motorcycles with such mileage do not come across on the used market - this is not a car!

As for consumables - everything is under the order. Only this is an expensive Japanese original, which will take a long time to wait.

The second generation and its problems

A rare motorcycle is the Honda NRX 1800 Valkyrie Rune. The model was produced from 2004 to 2005. A total of 1 copies were produced, almost all of them were sold in the United States.

The motorcycle is fan-made, it began to be assembled a year after the cessation of production of the first Valkyrie, at the "applications of the workers." In appearance, this is a typical power cruiser.

The second generation is simply eye-catching. Photo: Youtube.com

The bike received a new engine with a volume of 1,8 liters. With. Power increased to 118 hp. With. Almost all components and assemblies have been modified. The model is limited, more like a product of customizers. However, in essence, she is.

It is difficult to buy spare parts for this motorcycle in Russia. There are options that something from the USA can be sent, but this is not certain. There are simply no statistics on ordering parts for the Honda NRX 1800 Valkyrie Rune in Russia. But consumables from Golda are suitable, not all, but most.

The second generation motorcycle has no weak points, but it is not recommended to buy it. Especially for those who are used to driving fast in the city. Any fall or accident can hit the bottom in the budget. Only customizers repair such motorcycles - but it's expensive.

But for those who like to stand out, Valkyrie Rune will be a great purchase. This bike will definitely be looked at.
Interestingly, the model in Russia is quite common. For example, now they are on sale about 10 copies. Apparently, domestic wealthy bikers love such spectacular looking motorcycles.

Third Generation

Disappointed with the Valkyrie, the manufacturer did not produce this model for 9 years. Only in 2014 did the new Honda Gold Wing F6C appear - that's what this motorcycle was called in Japan and Europe. Interestingly, for the US, he remained Valkyrie.

The design of the third generation is quite controversial. Photo: Youtube.com

This is the rarest motorcycle of this series in Russia - now only one copy is on sale. By the way, it costs less than the cheapest second-generation bike.

Outwardly, the new "Valkyrie" is often called a fake and a surrogate. It seems that the designers were limited by the budget, so they saved on everything.

Honda Gold Wing F6C has lost the charisma of the first generation. Outwardly, it looks more like a Valkyrie Rune, but the cladding is unexpectedly made of plastic, which fans of cruisers did not appreciate.

The engine is taken from the standard Honda Gold Wing without modification. But by reducing the weight by 70 kg, the bike accelerates more vigorously.
The motorcycle was not appreciated even in the USA, where interest in such devices is traditionally great. Moreover, the new Valkyrie did not become popular in Europe and Japan. Therefore, the model was produced only until 2017.

Due to the almost complete unification with Golda, the F6C does not have specific “sores”. As for the statistics of breakdowns, there are none in Russia.

The engine here is completely identical to the classic Honda Gold Wing. Photo: Youtube.com

It turns out that the most popular motorcycles in the secondary market are the Valkyries of the first and second generations. However, due to the high price, the demand for them is low. For example, second-generation motorcycles offer from 1,5 million rubles. As for the first Valkyrie, their prices start at 400.

Judging by the reviews of the owners, the Valkyrie is more interesting for novice bikers or those who rarely leave and ride around the city and good roads. Experienced motorcyclists refer to the Valkyrie as "Gold". That is, the model is frankly boring, despite the external gloss and the abundance of chrome elements.

But the “gold-owners” should like this motorcycle. Unless, of course, they trade the Honda Gold Wing for cruisers, which is unlikely.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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