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The JAC JS4 crossover was not shown in Russia - KAMAZ management asked for this

The JAC JS4 crossover was not shown in Russia - KAMAZ management asked for this
The premiere of a new crossover from the Chinese brand JAC passed by Russian viewers. Yesterday's presentation of the model on the YouTube channel was blocked for our country at the urgent request of the KAMAZ management.

The fact is that at the revived Moskvich plant it is soon planned to present your car. What does the model from JAC have to do with it?

It's simple - the JS4 crossover will become one of the Muscovites. This model will be assembled at a factory in Moscow, but with nameplates of a domestic enterprise. The presentation of JAC JS4 in front of Moskvich will cause too many unnecessary rumors and conversations, and interest, diligently fueled by KAMAZ, will decrease.

Кроссовер JAC JS4 не показали в России – об этом попросило руководство КАМАЗThe crossover from Moskvich will be a copy of the JAC JS4. Photo: Youtube.com

The Chinese company JAC heeded the urgent requests of Russian partners. Now all advertising materials related to the JS4 model will be blocked for our country.

But now it’s clear what one of the first Muscovites will become - this is the JAC JS4. This information was carefully hidden by the manufacturer. Moreover, the KAMAZ press service has repeatedly stated that there will be no JACs under the Moskvich brand, although this was clear even from the pictures showing the new models.

But it is interesting to compare the cost of the JAC JS4 in the original with the price of the same crossover, produced at the Moscow plant.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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