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Chezet motorcycles - in the USSR they were loved a little less than Java

Chezet motorcycles - in the USSR they were loved a little less than Java
The best Soviet motorcycles are, of course, Jawa. And it does not matter that they were not collected in the Soviet Union, but brought from Czechoslovakia. In fact, Java was precisely a Soviet motorcycle, because a foreign plant sent more than 90% of its products to the USSR.

In addition to Jawa, another interesting bike was made in Czechoslovakia - Chezet, as it was called in the Soviet Union, or CZ 350, if correct. That's about this bike we will tell you today.

I would like to note right away that such a model variety as among Jawa was not supplied to the USSR. In fact, "Big Brother" received only one model of the 472 series in various modifications. Deliveries began in 1976 and ended in 1989.

The motorcycle in the USSR came with a working volume of 350 cubic centimeters, the engine was almost "Java", constructively, at least.

History of the CZ brand

The history of the appearance of CZ motorcycles is somewhat similar to the same events in the USSR after the Great Patriotic War.

Мотоциклы Чезет – в СССР их любили чуть меньше, чем ЯвыThis is the last modification of Chezet, which was supplied to the USSR. Photo: Youtube.com

The Ceska zbrojovka Strakonice factory was known throughout the world as a manufacturer of excellent weapons:

  • ? hunting
  • ? Combat
  • ? civil

The same plant is engaged in now, like the Russian Kalashnikov Concern, but not on such a scale. As the Russians at one time abandoned the production of Izh motorcycles, so did the Czechs from their CZ.

But in 1930, when it seemed that no wars were expected in Europe, the demand for military weapons fell. I had to start producing motorcycles. As in the case of Izh after 1945, in the Czech Republic it was decided to copy the German DKW NZ 350.

Bikes enjoyed a small but steady demand, and this continued until the outbreak of the Second World War. When European countries needed military weapons in huge quantities, the production of bikes was stopped.

The same DKW NZ 350. Photo: Youtube.com

But motorcycles were actively used on the fronts, where they won the glory of reliable and trouble-free technology.

After the end of the war, the plant returned to the production of two-wheeled vehicles. But since the enterprises were nationalized, Jawa was chosen as the main locomotive of the Czech motorcycle industry. After that, all CZ bikes became unified with Java.

Despite this, Cezet retained its family traits. It is not difficult to distinguish it from Jawa, just below we will tell you about the main features of the two most popular Czech motorcycles.

CZ in the Soviet Union

Unlike Java, there were many times fewer CZ bikes in the USSR. This is due to the fact that the Ceska zbrojovka factory still specialized in weapons. The production of two-wheeled vehicles was a sideline for them.

It is for this reason that a paradoxical situation has developed in the USSR. Jawa was considered the best motorcycle. On the other hand, CZ was rarely seen on sale, so it was in great demand among young people.

Cross CZ-125. Photo: Youtube.com

Cezets were considered sport bikes for several reasons:

  • ? All of them were only loners, without any strollers there.
  • ? In motocross sections, CZ were considered the best

Yes, Ceska zbrojovka also produced cross models. Only in the USSR they were supplied through motorsport, it was impossible to buy them freely in stores.

CZ-350 type 472 motorcycles were sold in the Soviet Union. The first modifications did not reach the country, deliveries began with 472.3 in 1976 and ended with version 472.6 in 1989. The bike cost more than Java in the 80s. For example, in 1983 for Java 350 \ 634 - the store asked for 950 rubles. CZ 350 cost as much as 1 rubles!

The main differences between Java and Cheset

I would like to note right away that you need to compare the CZ 472 and Jawa 634. Model 638 received a new engine, and it would be wrong to compare it with Cheset.

The two motorcycles have a motor in common, which seems to be the same, but differs in small details.

CZ Features:

  • ? Rear mount to frame
  • ? Other crankcases
  • ? The presence of guides for chain covers

Motorcycles also have different frames - Jawa has a more powerful, duplex, designed for use with a sidecar. Cezet has a single design. The front and rear forks are different, as are the muffler pipes.

Restoring a motorcycle is very difficult. Photo: Youtube.com

The most interesting thing is that the CZ-350 is more suitable for rural roads precisely through the use of a single frame. At first glance, this seems strange, but it is explained quite simply - less rigidity of the structure gives a higher level of comfort.

In general, despite the fact that in the USSR the motorcycle was often called "Chezet-Java", the bike from Ceska zbrojovka had its own design and technical features.

CZ-350 type 472.5

The most popular motorcycle of the Chezet brand was the 472.5 model. Deliveries of bikes to the USSR began with version 472.3. Two years later, an improved modification 472.4 appeared, and then 472.5. The Czechs listened to customer feedback, and diligently finalized their motorcycle.
CZ-350 type 472.5 received a number of differences and improvements.

The most notable of them:

  • ? gas tank
  • ? front fork
  • ? Protective bars front and rear
  • ? Comfortable seat
  • ? big headlight

Having listened to the fans of motorcycle travel from the USSR, the manufacturer replaced the tank with 13 liters. for 18 liters. In addition to the small volume, the old container was with sharp corners, which adversely affected comfort when traveling long distances.

Dashboard Chezet-350. Photo: Youtube.com

The new telescopic fork has a stroke of 150 mm. and rubber anthers from moisture and dirt.

Protective arches in front and behind save the rider's legs and the motorcycle itself in case of falls. The dense layout of the power section of the CZ-350 type 472.5 shifted the center of gravity down.

The engine specifications are the same as on the Jawa 634 - with a displacement of 350 cm3 and 22 liters. With. Speed ​​- about 125 km / h, traction is even in a wide range of revolutions. But if we compare the model with the single-cylinder Izh Planet, then the low-end permeability is noticeably higher.

Vibrations at a speed of 70 km / h at Chezeta are felt stronger than at Java - these are the consequences of using a single frame in the design. Interestingly, after passing the threshold of 100 km / h, the vibrations disappear.

The carburetor here is the same as on Java 634. Photo: Youtube.com

The owners of the CZ-350 type 472 of any modification considered the absence of rubber chain covers to be a big minus. Often they put such protection against Java 634. Otherwise, the chain served half as much as on Jawa.

Even the owners of Chezetov complained about the short gas outlet pipe from the battery. If it worked, then the electrolyte flew to the mufflers and the wheel. The Java 634 had the same problem. Some modified their motorcycles themselves, removed these bends or lengthened them.

The tool boxes also caused criticism, more precisely, the screws that fastened them, which turned away on their own when driving on bad roads.

Despite the disadvantages, Chezet motorcycles were considered a shortage. Some potential buyers had to look for models in various Soviet cities and towns. Remarkably, the CZ-350 was not in high demand in rural areas. Here they preferred reliable and simple Izh Planet and Minsk.

How much can you buy a CZ-350 and is it worth it?

Buying a Chezet motorcycle is quite difficult. They do not represent any collection value, but due to their rarity they are sold at a high price. Prices start at 75 and end at 000 rubles for an ideal.

If you search, you can find good working copies for 150. As collectibles, you will have to work on them, and driving on tattered trash is a dubious pleasure.

Buying such a motorcycle is too expensive entertainment. Any Soviet bike is difficult to restore, but here it is Czech and rare. With Java it will be several times easier and cheaper.

The bike looks best in red. Photo: Youtube.com

But if you have memories of your youth connected with Chezet, you can try, some people succeed!


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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