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GAC accepts orders for Aion Hyper SSR with 1225 horsepower under the hood

GAC accepts orders for Aion Hyper SSR with 1225 horsepower under the hood
The Chinese hypercar GAC Aion Hyper SSR has started accepting pre-orders. The model will be available in several trim levels. The "cheapest" version will cost its owner 185 thousand dollars, which is equivalent to 11 rubles.
The most “charged” Aion Hyper SSR will cost $240 or 000 rubles at the current exchange rate.

The exterior of the sports coupe has a slight resemblance to the Chevrolet Corvette C3 muscle cars - the body smoothly rises above the wheel arches. At the same time, the low clearance, as it should be, is favorably emphasized by a mesh air intake with a “skirt” and narrow head optics. At the stern, there was an adaptive wing that changes its angle depending on the speed.

GAC принимает заказы на Aion Hyper SSR, у которого под капотом 1225 лошадиных силIn a calm state, the spoiler is recessed into the body. Photo: YouTube.com

The hypercar is also favorably distinguished by Scissor doors (the so-called lambo doors) and an extremely minimalist interior. On the front dash in the center is a 14,6-inch touchscreen multimedia monitor.

For this money, the owner will receive a car with acceleration dynamics to 100 km / h in just 1,9 seconds. Characteristically, the overloads experienced by the driver and his passengers when accelerating reach 1,7 G. This is more than the load that a person transfers while sitting in an airliner seat during takeoff.

The seats are ideal for the G-forces experienced. Photo: YouTube.com

Under the hood of this "monster" is an electric power plant with a capacity of 901 kW (1225 hp). Its torque, according to the manufacturer, reaches 12000 H * m.

Such dynamics required an integrated approach to safety from the inventors of the hypercar. Aion Hyper SSR body elements are made of carbon fiber. Information about which braking system, range and number of drives is still classified. The manufacturer intends to disclose information later. The timing of the official press release will be announced later - we will monitor the statements of the GAC press center so that you are one of the first to know about it.

The acceleration dynamics of the GAC Aion Hyper SSR is the same as that of the Tesla Roadster. Photo: YouTube.com

It is noteworthy that the same Tesla Roadster electric car shows similar acceleration dynamics, but has a thrust of only 10 H * m. At the same time, the cost of a car that was produced in 000-2008 is at the level of $ 2012, almost half the price of the Chinese Aion Hyper SSR. Most likely, such a run-up in prices is associated with the use of a carbon fiber body. Nevertheless, the model aroused interest in the Chinese automotive market. We already know about the first orders, so the appearance of a serial supercar on the roads is a matter of the near future.


Photos used: youtube.com

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