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Nissan Murano 2023 – was there an update?

Nissan Murano 2023 – was there an update?
The Nissan Murano is a once popular mid-size crossover in Russia, which has recently received another update to the 2023 model year version. The third generation was taken as a basis, which, before well-known events, was also produced in the Russian Federation at an enterprise in St. Petersburg. What new fans of the brand can expect and is the update worth the money?

What's new to expect?

While many Nissan models are getting some pretty major upgrades, the Murano either lacked the imagination, or was originally conceived with minimal changes. Everything is so modest that the representatives of the company did not even dare to upload new images of the car in connection with the announcement of the novelty. The most serious "improvement" was limited to the appearance of just two new shades of body color: Super Black and Deep Ocean Blue Pearl. The second and last update is a modified Nissan logo in the cabin on the steering wheel and on the body near the grille.

Nissan Murano 2023 – а было ли обновление?The update is clearly not happy with its abundance of changes in body design. Photo: youtube.com

Yes, that's all. Even supposedly new body colors have already been spotted in images from 2021. The technical part of the car has not changed, as well as equipping with systems for comfort and safety. Oh yes, the equipment is now called a little differently, like the third generation car - S, SV, SL and Platinum versions are available, which do not really reflect the content, with the exception of the last one. They are also divided into subcategories: with all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive.

What remains the same?

While other Nissan models are gradually moving away from naturally aspirated engines to turbocharged engines, the Murano, even in the 2023 version, is equipped with a rapidly “aging” air boost. Under the hood of all trim levels is a 3,5-liter V6 with a capacity of 260 hp. With. paired with a continuously variable gearbox. The decision to install a CVT is quite controversial due to not the fastest CVT response and the lack of driving mode options. What can be attributed to the pluses is the relatively low fuel consumption for a motor of this size.

For its size, the crossover has a fairly powerful filling. Photo: youtube.com

Hard acceleration is not about Murano. In other situations, the crossover shows good dynamics, and its variator is above the market average in terms of reliability, so you can close your eyes to its presence in the design of the car. The general verdict on the technical side: economical driving in the city, confident overtaking on the highway, but definitely without “sneakers on the floor”.


The front and second row seats give the right level of support - just what you need on long trips. Already in the basic configuration there is a dual-zone climate control with powerful, but at the same time quiet air conditioning. Heating and cooling work perfectly, however, the option to ventilate the driver's and front passenger's seats is available only in the most expensive Platinum trim level.

In the interior, too, almost nothing has changed except for the Nissan logo. Photo: youtube.com

The interior is quite spacious, but it can be difficult for relatively tall passengers on the second row to place their legs so that they do not rest against the backs of the front seats the first time. The doorways are wide, so getting people in and out shouldn't be a problem.

All trim levels include an 8-inch display for the infotainment system. Here it is quite simple and even seems outdated, but what cannot be taken away from it is ease of use - and what else do you need behind the wheel? The Bose audio system with 11 speakers allows you to enjoy music in good quality. There is support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Not very expensive but easy to use 8 inch touch screen. Photo: youtube.com

As for the luggage compartment, with the second-row seats unfolded, the storage capacity is 908 liters. If you fold the rear seats, you can increase the trunk up to 1900 liters. In the cabin itself, there are not so many places to store small things, and even a small bottle of water cannot be inserted into the door pockets. The center armrest has room for two glasses.


With a set of safety options, the new Nissan Murano is all right. Safety Shield 360 includes rear cross traffic warning and lane departure warning. Due to the cameras located in a circle of the body, monitoring of all blind spots works. High beams turn on automatically when driving at night. There is an emergency braking system in case a pedestrian or other obstacle with a threat of collision suddenly appears in front of the car.

How much?

Nissan Murano 2023 model year is available in 8 modifications, each of them has its own price. In the most budget version of the "S" with front-wheel drive, they ask for a car from 33660 USD. For those who are not used to counting money, the most expensive all-wheel drive Platinum variation is offered with a starting price of 46910 USD. Consider the prices of intermediate configurations:

✅ SV FWD – from 37200 USD
✅ SL FWD – from 41160 USD
✅ Platinum FWD – from 45210 USD
✅ S AWD – from 35360 USD
✅ SV AWD – from 38900 USD
✅ SL AWD – from 42860 USD

Translated into Russian rubles at the current exchange rate, the new Nissan Murano will have to pay from 2,027 to 2,825 million, depending on the configuration and drive: front or full.

Will it be in Russia?

In early May, Nissan representatives announced that the production of brand cars at the plant in St. Petersburg would not resume until at least March 2023. Before the shutdown, the company produced Qashqai, X-Trail and Murano models. It is noteworthy that the Japanese suspended not only the production, but also the sale of new cars. Consequently, in the next at least 9 months we will not see new copies of Nissan Murano in the showrooms of official dealers. Those wishing to update the car will have to rely only on “gray” imports, which significantly increase the price of cars.


Once upon a time, the relatively inexpensive Mazda CX-7 and Subaru Tribeca were on the list of competitors of the Nissan Murano of previous generations, but this time has long passed. The current generation received not only more modern equipment, but also an increased price. As a result, competitors have also changed.

honda passport

The crossover can be considered a two-row version of the three-row Honda Pilot. Both of them have a spacious interior, a touch interface for the driver and front passenger, a powerful V6 engine. In direct comparison with the Murano, the two-row Honda Passport wins, but at the same time, the Nissan is cheaper. If you need a large trunk, it is better to give preference to a car from Honda.

Toyota Venza

The crossover is endowed with a four-cylinder hybrid engine, more economical than the Murano engine. However, this does not prevent the car from accelerating to 100 km / h from a standstill at almost the same speed as the more “gluttonous” Nissan with its V6. The Venza is for you if you want something akin to the Murano but a little bigger and with low city mileage.

Nissan Pathfinder

It is essentially the "big brother" of the Nissan Murano, which received another update in the previous year. Their cost is almost comparable, while the Pathfinder offers much more space both in the cabin and in the luggage compartment. Its dynamics are slightly better, although it costs a similar 3,5-liter V6. Conclusion: for the same money it is better to buy a large SUV right away.

In fairness, the price of new items with the update has not grown very noticeably. Photo: youtube.com

If you already have a third-generation Nissan Murano or have owned one before, there is no point in trying the new one. There is not a single really worthwhile change for which it would make sense to spend money. But if you didn’t have this crossover before, and you are looking for a comfortable, moderately roomy and dynamic car, you should definitely consider buying a model.


Photos used: youtube.com

Do you think it makes sense to spend money on the Nissan Murano 2023?


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