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The KTM 390 Adventure is a light and agile tourenduro for beginners

The KTM 390 Adventure is a light and agile tourenduro for beginners
KTM motorcycles have long been uncompromising "athletes" designed for the toughest conditions. We note right away that these bikes are off-road - cross-country and enduro classes.

Modernity dictates new vectors of development for companies producing motorcycles. Brands that previously worked only in their class are forced to rebuild. Those who did not do this left the market.

Even such a "monster" and "island of stability" as Harley-Davidson was forced to start producing models of other classes. The PAN AMERICA enduro tour is especially unusual for this brand, but it was this bike that was able to increase sales at Harley-Davidson dealers around the world.

KTM 390 Adventure – легкий и маневренный турэндуро для начинающихExternally, the bike looks more like a street fighter than an enduro. Photo: Youtube.com

The Austrian manufacturer KTM had to follow the same path. Their motorcycle 390 Duke was immediately received with hostility by fans of the brand. But years of sales have shown that the model was able to attract new buyers.

The appearance of the bike

Shortly after the debut of the KTM 390 Duke, the brand's CEO casually remarked that a light enduro model would be coming. The new motorcycle was supposed to be made on a similar chassis. It seemed that there was nothing complicated in this, but the debut dragged on for 7 years.

The KTM 390 Adventure was first shown in 2019 and will go into production in 2020. Despite the chassis from Duke, it is made using the "older" model. This is the KTM 790, a mid-sized touring enduro.

The manufacturer orientated its motorcycle for beginners, who found the angular and “evil” models from the Austrian brand to be too specific. The KTM 390 Adventure has everything you need to not intimidate a beginner endurist.

In commercials, everything looks beautiful, but in fact it’s better not to get into the dirt. Photo: Youtube.com

Even if the owner does not like off-road riding, the bike is also suitable for constant use in the city. Its engine is enough for a comfortable ride on the highway. Of course, 44 liters. With. not enough to accelerate to 200 km / h, but the motorcycle picks up and maintains the allowed speed on the track and maintains it easily.

KTM 390 Adventure Appeal for Beginners:

✅ Versatility
✅ Lightness
✅ Maneuverability

Despite the light enduro class, the bike is also capable of off-road feats - this is a KTM.


Modest by the standards of the manufacturer, the tourist enduro is equipped with a motor from Duke. This is a "single-barrel" with a volume of 373,2 cm3 and a power of 44 hp. With.

Compared to Chinese competitors in the class, the KTM engine is quite modern. It has two camshafts and four valves. There can be no question of any carburetor in a modern bike - fuel injection is here.

Motor with a balance shaft - this allows you to get rid of the vibrations inherent in single-cylinder engines. The power unit has already proven its versatility on the KTM 390 Duke.

This is the KTM 390 Duke for comparison. Photo: Youtube.com

Thanks to the liquid cooling system, you don’t have to worry about the motorcycle overheating in city traffic or during slow driving on forest roads in the summer.

Features of the model

The KTM 390 frame is taken from Duke with minimal modifications. Only the subframe, brackets differ, the exhaust system is fixed differently, the length of the pendulum is changed.

The seat height of 755 mm hints that the bike was designed for the European and US markets and certainly not for the Asian market.

The bike is well equipped for its price:

✅ Aluminum steering wheel
✅ LED optics
✅ BYBRE brakes
✅ TFT display
✅ Adjustable rear shock absorber
✅ Inverted fork

Ground clearance is low for a serious enduro - only 200mm.

Some bewilderment is caused by the manufacturer's choice of cast wheels. Usually, even on light enduro they put spokes.

The motorcycle is equipped with a small windshield, which also indicates the universal purpose of the model. But with the capacity of the gas tank, the manufacturer guessed - 14,5 liters is enough for 400 kilometers.

Behavior in the city and on the highway

The KTM 390 Adventure looks aggressive, but it also has Naked-class features. Appearance does not deceive - it is convenient to ride a bike in the city. This was achieved primarily thanks to the engine from the 390 Duke model.

The engine develops 44 hp. With. Photo: Youtube.com

The bike features an almost vertical seating position, excellent ergonomics and minimal wind protection that you might need when hitting the track. Thanks to suspension travel, tram rails, broken roads in the city and curbs, the motorcycle overcomes without stress.

When comparing the ride quality of the KTM 390 Adventure and the 390 Duke, the light enduro model is better suited to poor asphalt. The exits to the primer are also easier due to the installed universal rubber.

On the track, the KTM 390 Adventure easily holds the legal 110 km / h, but this is if you do not need to climb the mountain and there is no strong headwind. For those who plan frequent trips in such conditions, it is better to look for something with a larger engine.

Behavior in the countryside and off-road

If the Duke is inferior on the Adventure track, then it is worth pulling off the asphalt and the model reveals itself in all its glory. On country roads, the bike is perfect. He copes with potholes and bumps due to suspension moves.

The tires show excellent grip, and the bike itself is easy to handle due to its lightness. The maneuverability of the model should also be noted - it instantly reacts to steering turns, allowing you to go around serious pits.

When driving onto a forest or field road, it is advisable to turn off the traction control and use a special mode where the ABS works only for the front wheel. The clearance for such tourist grips is more than enough - the suspensions do not break through.

It’s not worth getting into the dirt on this motorcycle on purpose - this is a light enduro with a strong urban component. And the tires are not so “aggressive” from the factory to provide traction in these conditions. If you change the tires to off-road, the patency increases markedly.

The brakes are from Brembo, but under a different name. Photo: Youtube.com

The seat is comfortable for everyday use for both the driver and the passenger. Although this is an enduro, not a touring model, this also needs to be considered. Riding standing on the footpegs on the motocross is not very convenient due to the width of the seat. But you can tweak if you want.

From below there is a powerful protection, so you should not be afraid of snags and stones.

To operate the KTM 390 Adventure in the style of a motocross bike is possible only after completion. First of all, you need to replace the rubber with a more “evil” one. Secondly, it is desirable to have off-road driving skills.

Despite belonging to the light enduro class, the bike is still heavy for dirt. But if the rider has above average physical fitness, then you can safely ride.

How much does it cost?

You can buy KTM 390 Adventure in Russia both new and used. Despite the sanctions, they are still being sold, although there are few offers - just a couple.

For the new KTM 390 Adventure, they ask for 920 rubles. A used model of 000-2020 is sold from 2021. Expensive, of course, but do not forget that the motorcycle is “fresh” and this is a KTM after all.

If you jump like this on this bike, then the repair will not be long in coming. Photo: Youtube.com

In Russia, this bike is not very popular - for this it is too versatile, small in volume and unsuitable for off-road use. The model is designed for beginners, but they are unlikely to pay attention to such an expensive motorcycle.

The problem here is not the KTM 390 Adventure itself, but the level of income of Russian motorcyclists and their commitment to large-capacity vehicles. Whoever has the money will take the KTM 790 Adventure first. Although the Austrian manufacturer is generally little known to beginners.

If finances aren't an issue for a beginner rider, the KTM 390 Adventure could really be the perfect first bike. It will help you decide in which class of motorcycles you want to develop in the future.

By the way, the manufacturer is developing a hard enduro on the KTM 390 Adventure chassis! Earlier in the network there was a leak about the tests of this model, which we informed you about in February.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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