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Toyota Camry XV50 - is it worth overpaying for the brand

Toyota Camry XV50 - is it worth overpaying for the brand
Toyota cars in Russia are traditionally loved and idolized. It is enough to look at the prices of the secondary market to understand this. Even for old copies from a Japanese manufacturer, the cost is frankly overpriced.

Especially expensive Toyota Camry in XV30/40/50 bodies. The oldest "Kamryukha" of the seventh generation is offered from 1 million rubles for cars with a number of problems. And these are cars from 2011-2013.

What's good about the Toyota Camry XV50? Is it worth the money and why is the price on the secondary market not reduced? Maybe this is the same legendary car that does not break down? Let's go into detail!


What the Toyota Camry XV50 looks like is known to everyone who is interested in the model. Large and beautiful streamlined body, but nothing flashy. Standard "soap box" - this car is certainly loved not for its appearance.

Toyota Camry XV50 – стоит ли переплачивать за брендWhite cars after restyling better resist corrosion. Photo: Youtube.com

The car was produced from 2011 to 2018 - how did the body perform during this time? No way - it rots, as it should be a standard Japanese car. All the tales about the “eternal” bodies of the Toyota Camry are the merit of the XV30 model. Then the engineers tried and really released a car that is resistant to rust. The next generation was worse in this regard, and the XV50 is doing terribly with corrosion resistance.

Relative youth saves the car, so there are no through holes to be found here, but “bugs” and other rusty formations are not uncommon, especially on pre-styling specimens.

More often the body corrodes in the following places:

  • ? Lid, seams, floor and boot openings
  • ? wheel arches
  • ? At the bottom of the doors on rolling
  • ? Roof and hood edges

It turns out that the car in the "native" paint is good, subject to periodic anti-corrosion treatment. In other cases, repainting is rather a plus, the main thing is that the process is carried out according to technology.

Inside, the car has high-quality finishing materials. Photo: Youtube.com

White cars are especially affected by rust - there the paintwork layer does not exceed 100 microns. Toyota Camry XV50 has other paint colors closer to 150.

Already after the first restyling, the situation improved, but only slightly. White cars began to be painted better, the seams and arches were processed better. But all the same, this is far from the “eternal Kamryukha” that a car in the XV30 body is considered to be.

You need to look for a car without corrosion. If minor foci have already appeared, this indicates that the previous owner neglected special treatment.

In other nuances, the body of the Toyota Camry XV50 does not cause problems. You can pay attention to worn and yellowed headlights, shabby chrome and paint flying around from plastic elements.

An engine with a displacement of 2,5 liters is considered optimal for this car. Photo: Youtube.com

Locks and door handles last a long time without breaking. If they start to jam, this is a hint of a mileage of 300 km.


Finishing inside the Toyota Camry XV50 is of high quality and solid. By the state of the interior, you can determine whether the car has the original mileage or rolled up. In the price range of 1,3-1,5 million rubles, cars come across with average figures of about 150 km. The interior should be in this case in good condition, even the buttons are not overwritten.

Typical for Toyota Camry XV50 breakdowns in the cabin:

  • ? Glove box latch tabs
  • ? Cover of the central box
  • ? seat ventilation

It seems that the car was made for slender Asians, in the cabin you need to handle all of the above carefully. In order not to break the ventilation, do not kneel on the front seats.

Typical electrical and chassis failures

Despite the body problems, structurally, the Toyota Camry XV50 is a well-thought-out car. Toyota does not have any serious disadvantages in terms of electrics. The generator can fail due to the overrunning clutch. After a run of 300 km, the climate fans begin to buzz. All of these are easy to fix and affordable.

Toyota Camry suspension is the standard of reliability. Photo: Youtube.com

It is advisable to seal the lighting connectors. The Toyota Camry XV50 does not cause more typical electrical problems. Is that the current oil pressure sensor after 150 km of run.

The brakes of a Japanese car are of high quality, but are not designed for constant driving in a sporty manner. Disks overheat in such cases quickly and they are driven, and once is enough. The most interesting thing is that the problem concerns the original parts. If you put an analogue of at least an average price category, the disks do not drive when overheated.

The suspensions of the Toyota Camry XV50 are perfect, as all the numerous legends about the cars of this brand say. It happens that with a run of 200 km, all spare parts, except for the stabilizer struts and bushings, are still factory. The failure of suspension parts earlier is a signal that the previous owner drove the car mercilessly, imagining himself a great athlete.

The only negative is the rust on all parts of the walker, including fasteners. There is nothing wrong with this, but it will be problematic to unscrew the nuts during repairs. Often you have to cut off the fasteners with a grinder or at least heat it with a torch.

There are no questions to the steering rack during operation - it is reliable. Knocks begin after constant driving on broken roads, but this is repaired on a budget - by simply replacing the end bushings.

In dark colors, the car looks more solid. Photo: Youtube.com

The Toyota Camry XV50 has only a front-wheel drive - there are no complaints about it. The mechanical part is made impeccably - the Japanese did their best.


Gearboxes in a car are only automatic, but they are represented by two families. Before restyling, 2,0-liter engines were equipped with simple four-stages. All other versions received six-speed units.

The most reliable automatic transmission is the old four-speed Aisin U241. It is almost eternal and fails only after 500 km of run, if you do not change the oil at all.

6-automatic transmission from Aisin different series. Compared to the U241, they are not as trouble-free, but also not bad - they nurse over 250 km if the oil is changed periodically.


The most popular engines on the Toyota Camry XV50 are 2,0 and 2,5 petrol. The first is found in two versions - for 148 and 150 liters. s., the second develops 181 liters. With. Rarely enough in Russia comes across a 3,5-liter engine with a capacity of 249 or 277 hp. With.

All motors are highly reliable, although they are far from millionaires. But by modern standards, they are good - they will definitely pass their 350 km, and 000 thousand are not the limit for them either.

The most problematic engine, as practice shows, is the 3,5 liter 2GR-FE. The motor migrated without any changes from the previous generation, but got rid of a number of small nuances.

The car in the previous body for comparison. Photo: Youtube.com

The main disadvantage of this engine is hot young owners who periodically unscrew the engines on the tracks. In such operating conditions, the power unit needs quality service. If this is not done, after 150 km, problems will begin.

So, when buying a Toyota Camry XV50 with a 3,5-liter 2GR-FE, mandatory engine diagnostics are recommended at a specialized service station.

So to buy or not?

If you do not take into account the corrosion of the body, then the Toyota Camry is a reliable and trouble-free car. But its cost in the secondary market is greatly overestimated, given the possibility of paintwork in the next 3-5 years for pre-styling options.

The only thing that can be advised is to look for a car with a rust-free body and immediately completely treat the car with an anti-corrosion compound. Then you will have to repeat this procedure every 1-2 years - then the car will only please the new owner.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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