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The best electric scooters up to 30 thousand rubles

The best electric scooters up to 30 thousand rubles
Thanks to equipping the scooter with a battery, transport, which was considered childish and frivolous, is experiencing a boom in popularity. It is used as an alternative to buses and fixed-route taxis, appreciating autonomy and independence. The electric scooter is relevant in the light of the latest trends in respect for the environment - it does not pollute the environment. Transport is relatively simple to set up and use, with the right choice, it can serve for years without breaking.

Introduction to brands

To begin with, it is useful to study the manufacturers, focusing on the most reliable ones. Due to the popularity of scooters with batteries, numerous companies produce. However, some flare up as bright stars, quickly disappearing from the sky, while others stay afloat for years. It is more logical to trust the second, we offer five sensational manufacturers who managed to win a good name:

✪ Xiaomi is a Chinese corporation established in 2010, leading in the production of smartphones. Its scooters are valued for their modern look, decent technical and operational properties, and relatively low prices.
✪ Kugoo - under this brand, devices manufactured by the Jilong plant in China are sold on the Russian market. The company offers versions of the mass segment and premium models.
✪ Neoline is a Russian electronics manufacturer that managed to squeeze out Chinese competitors, confidently occupying one of the leading positions in the niche. The company has developed electric scooters for domestic realities, so they have become a worthy competitor to analogues from China.
✪ Ninebot is another manufacturer from China, inferior to the above brands. The jump in popularity of these electric scooters was mainly due to the company's merger with Segway.
✪ Yamato or Midway after rebranding is another Chinese brand that offers universal models of decent quality at attractive prices.

Лучшие электросамокаты до 30 тысяч рублей

Good reviews are heard about Halten electric scooters, but they are more expensive than their counterparts. Photo: youtube

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of device, it is useful to study the characteristics of a particular model, considering the offers of leading manufacturers. Since comfort and reliability are predetermined by numerous nuances, and not just by the brand name.

Kugoo s3

First of all, the model seduces with its cost. But when studying the parameters and responses, it turns out that it does not disappoint with the quality either. The main advantages of the scooter, in addition to the price, include the following:

✅ Ease of use: height adjustment of the steering column, driving without a battery when the charge runs out.
✅ Practical and compact: the model is really easy to fold, weighs about 12 kg, comes with a carrying bag.
✅ Safety in motion: there is an LED backlight in the front, a brake light in the back, an audible signal is also provided, you can brake with the rear wing, but a regenerative brake is provided.

The cost of Kugoo S3 starts from 18 rubles. Photo: Yandex.Market

The experience of use reveals the shortcomings of the Kugoo S3. Mostly there are complaints about the stiffness of the shock absorber, insufficient build quality: during active operation, the transport begins to loosen up, rattle.

In addition, users call the diameter of the wheels, which is 200 mm, not large enough. There are also complaints about the uncertain course when driving on wet asphalt.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S

This model could be called a leader, but it is significantly more expensive, which is due to the moderate interest of buyers. An electric scooter has many advantages:

✅ Lightweight and durable body made of aerospace aluminum - weight 12.5 kg.
✅ High level of comfort, which is facilitated by the E-ABS system and disc brakes.
✅ Reliability and good battery capacity - the range is 30 km.
✅ Elementary speed switching - by double pressing the power button, there are only three speed modes.
✅ An updated system for converting kinetic energy into electrical energy - thanks to this, the power reserve is extended.

Separately, it is worth adding about the stylish design of the model. It looks concise and modern, the controls organically complement the design, are understandable on an intuitive level.

The cost of Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S is from 22 rubles. Photo: Yandex.Market

The main disadvantage of an electric scooter is the lack of waterproofing, so it’s better not to get caught in the rain with transport. There are also complaints about the creak in the folding mechanism, to eliminate which you need to tighten the bolt.

Yamato PES 0809 PRO

Model in a concise design with good technical and operational properties. The manufacturer has increased the battery capacity, so this electric scooter among the analogues is characterized by high power and a large power reserve. It develops a speed of up to 25 kilometers, travels up to 35 km on a single charge. Among the advantages of the device are the following:

✅ The maximum load is up to 120 kilograms, which the transport can really withstand.
✅ Ensuring safety thanks to the headlight, position and brake lights.
✅ Efficient and fast braking - the closed-type drum brake works together with the electronic one, acting on both wheels at the same time.

The cost of Xiaomi Yamato PES 0809PRO is about 18 rubles. Photo: Yandex.Market

Such inexpensive electric scooters are sometimes disappointing immediately after purchase - there are complaints about the flaws in the electronics. Users also warn that the model does not actually pick up the speed that the manufacturer promises. In order to avoid unpredictable surprises, it is recommended to check all connections, tighten the bolts so that they do not unwind on the go.

How to choose?

First of all, experienced users of technology are advised not to focus on descriptions on the Internet, but to test the transport in practice. It is advisable to study the models - look at them visually and even arrange a test drive. It turns out that expectations differ from reality. Even video reviews and user tests posted on the network will not help to get a complete picture of the electric scooter - it is better to “feel” it. The choice is unsuccessful, even when the model is touted with might and main, because it does not suit a particular person personally, it turns out to be uncomfortable.

Buying an electric scooter in an offline store is calmer and more reliable, as the build quality and materials are immediately visible. Regarding technical parameters, the following characteristics are enough for the average city dweller for ease of use:

? Speeds up to 30 kilometers per hour are more than enough to drive on sidewalks. Most often, when driving, they do not even exceed the mark of 20 km, so there is no need to buy a more powerful device: a large battery capacity affects the weight, and even an extra 0.5 kg can be critical when you need to overcome curbs and other obstacles.
? Power reserve and battery capacity are best calculated individually. To do this, you can calculate what distance you have to cover during the day, given the possibility of recharging. For its convenience, it is advisable to look after a model with a removable battery.
? The weight of transport usually ranges from 11-14 kg. The difference seems insignificant until you have to carry the scooter in your hands. It is better when choosing to also think over the route, imagining what obstacles will be on the way. If a ramp leads to the entrance, you don’t have to overcome steps on the street, you can let the model be heavier with more power and more functionality. Otherwise, it is worth taking the lightest version so as not to suffer daily, carrying weights.

Let's add about the wheels, for which the difference of 1 inch is really critical. The best indicator for urban conditions is 10 inches. This is enough for driving on smooth asphalt, and on small tiles, and on a track with potholes.

If you have personal experience using an electric scooter, have additions to the selection recommendations, share in the comments!

Photos used: YouTube

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