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4 GAC GS2022 – cheaper and better Kia Sportage

4 GAC GS2022 – cheaper and better Kia Sportage
China does not stop in an effort to conquer the Russian car market. For 2022, it has already introduced many interesting competitors to models such as the Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson, Mazda CX-5, Toyota RAV4 and others, but that's not all. This time, let's take a look at a particularly interesting example in the face of the 4 GAC GS2022. What is it and is it worth considering buying?

What are we talking about?

GAC GS4 is a front-wheel drive compact crossover, the younger version of the GS5 model, which has already been popular in the Russian market. According to the manufacturer's plans, the novelty will complement the range of cars from the Chinese brand. We remind you that at the moment in the Russian Federation you can buy a GS8 crossover and a GN8 minivan. The GS5 SUV mentioned above, unfortunately for many, is no longer for sale in our country.

GAC GS4 2022 – дешевле и лучше Kia SportageThe crossover turned out to be interesting not only internally, but also externally. Photo: youtube.com

In terms of dimensions, the model does not stand out from its “classmates” in any way. The length of the crossover is 4525 mm, the width is 1852 mm, the height is 1685 mm, the wheelbase is 2640 mm, and the ground clearance is 190 mm. Depending on the transmission, the curb weight of the car varies from 1510 to 1540 kg.


The range of motors GAC GS4 2022 does not please at least the fact that it does not exist as such. In the basic version, only one engine is available to car buyers - a 1,5-liter turbocharged internal combustion engine on gasoline. It produces 169 hp. With. power and 265 N * m of torque. This is not bad, because the unit is more powerful than the 2,0-liter engine installed in the more expensive Kia Sportage. In the top configuration, the “Chinese” gets a 252-horsepower ICE with a volume of 2,0 liters. Both are paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The manufacturer plans to add a 7-band "robot".

Crossover engines meet the requirements of the Euro-6 environmental standard and consume about 7 liters of fuel per 100 km / h. The volume of the fuel tank is 50 liters, which is quite standard in this class.


According to the results of numerous crash tests, the model received 5 stars according to the C-NCAP system, and this is an excellent result. The 4 GAC GS2022 frontal impact score was 91%. The basic version has airbags and systems that assist the driver in difficult traffic situations. There are no questions on this point, the car is safe and can be used for a family.

There is enough space in the back row with a margin. Photo: youtube.com


Based on the reviews of drivers who have already had a chance to ride a crossover, its handling can be called good. For a 1,5-ton SUV, the car is easy to control, the sensations are close to those experienced when driving a light sedan. This is largely due to the presence of an electric power steering and a competent distribution of the mass of the car.


There are no problems with maneuverability, however, in terms of flotation, the GAC GS4 2022 can no longer be called the best choice. Yes, a ground clearance of 190 mm is enough for city roads and unpaved roads, but it’s better not to test the car on real off-road. Including due to the fact that, unlike many competitors, this model does not have an all-wheel drive version.


The car is actually far from new and has been successfully sold in China for several years, but this does not make its appearance cease to be relevant. For some elements, the car resembles its more hyped "classmates". For example, the grille is reminiscent of the VW Tiguan, and the headlights look like the one we can see on the Outlander. On the other hand, the model is not plagiarism - the designers managed to make it, albeit in the spirit of competitors, but uniquely.

High-tech interior with color accents. Photo: youtube.com

Inside, the crossover looks no less technologically advanced. In the center of the dashboard is a 12,3-inch infotainment display. At first, its size is shocking, because not all modern cars have even a 10-inch display. The instrument panel is also digital and only a couple of inches inferior to the main screen in size.

The color accents in the cabin, made in the same shade as the car body, immediately catch the eye. In the middle is a wide center console with an automatic transmission selector. Despite the compact dimensions, people with a normal build will definitely not be cramped in the cabin.

How much?

As of February 2022, there is no official pricing information for the 4 GAC GS2022. So far, the compact crossover is sold only in China, but soon there will be a release in the Russian Federation. In China, its cost varies from 1,233 million to 1,663 million rubles in terms of our currency.

Prices may change when entering the Russian market. Photo: youtube.com

You can also guess the price from the price list for the older GS5 model. In the basic Comfort package, a larger car costs from 1,745 million rubles. In the top price reaches 2,125 million rubles. Most likely, the "younger brother" will appear on the Russian market with a much more affordable price tag.


Russian buyers of the GAC GS4 2022 will be available in only two trim levels - the base Base and the top Flagship. It is worth giving credit to the manufacturer for the fact that there are no significant differences between these specifications, and even the standard version has everything for comfortable movement.


For 1,233 million rubles in terms of Chinese yuan, the future owner of the crossover gets the following options:

  • ★ electric power steering
  • ★ front and side airbags
  • ★ speaker system for 4 speakers
  • ★ rear parking sensors
  • ★ air conditioner
  • ★ 17" aluminum wheels
  • ★ electric lifts of all four windows
  • ★ heated and electric side mirrors

In the Base configuration, the car is equipped with a multifunctional steering wheel, a headlight control unit and a whole set of security systems - ABS, ESP and TCS. In the cabin there is a dividing central armrest, and in the luggage compartment there is an undersized “reserve”.


For the maximum configuration, buyers in China currently have to pay at least 1,663 million rubles. For a difference of more than 400 thousand rubles, the manufacturer offers additions:

  • ✅ LED headlights and DRL
  • ✅ light and rain sensors
  • ✅ climate control
  • ✅ keyless access to the salon
  • ✅ front parking sensors
  • ✅ regular navigation system
  • ✅ electric heating of all seats

Of the exterior additions, the top version of the Flagship includes only 18-inch wheels.

Are there competitors?

If for some reason the GAC GS4 2022 does not seem like an interesting option for you to buy, then with a high degree of probability you will be interested in other crossovers that are direct competitors of this car:

  • ? Toyota RAV4 - from 2,169 million rubles
  • ? Mazda CX-5 - from 1,955 million rubles
  • ? Kia Sportage - from 2,128 million rubles
  • ? Hyundai Tucson - from 2,059 million rubles

As you can see, the Chinese crossover has one big advantage over its competitors - the price. For those whose budget issue is not in last place, "Chinese" will be a good option.

To whom does it suit?

The 4 GAC GS2022 crossover is a good choice for driving around the city or to the country on relatively good, maximum dirt roads. It will suit both “loners” and family people, since the model has a complete order with safety. The appearance of the car is quite modern, so the SUV will be visually interesting, including for young drivers.

Now there is only one thing left - to wait for the model to appear officially at Russian dealers. There is every reason to believe that this event will occur no earlier than 2024. Then we will know the exact prices.


Photos used: youtube.com

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