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IZH Planet/Jupiter - the history of popular Soviet motorcycles of all generations

IZH Planet/Jupiter - the history of popular Soviet motorcycles of all generations
Motorcycles IZH in the USSR were very popular. They were maintainable, quite reliable, although they were inferior to the Czech Java in terms of resource. But the availability of spare parts made IZH motorcycles leaders in the countryside, and it was there that two-wheeled vehicles were mainly bought.

The Planet/Jupiter story can be started with IZH-56. Unlike the IZH-49, which was produced on German equipment and was an improved copy of the DKW NZ 350, the new motorcycle was developed on its own.

By the way, in terms of build quality, IZH-56 was inferior to the previous model, which was repeatedly noted by Soviet buyers. The equipment was assembled on the production line of the USSR, the machines were worse than the German ones.

Izh Jupiter

Often there are difficulties in finding the first model of a two-cylinder motorcycle of the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant. Some say that this is IZH-58. Someone claims that the model was called Jupiter right away.

ИЖ Планета/Юпитер – история популярных советских мотоциклов всех поколенийIZH-56 became the basis for creating the Planet/Jupiter models. Photo: Youtube.com

Actually, everyone is right. Initially, the motorcycle was called IZH-58. It was under this name that the first model was demonstrated at an exhibition in Brussels. The bike was outwardly a copy of IZH-56, but received a new design engine - a two-cylinder one.

Experimental models were prepared in 1958. In tests, they showed a power of 18 liters. With. and high speed on the highway.

The production of new two-cylinder engines was established at the plant's own premises. Serial production began in 1961. Initially, the model was called IZH-58, but after the appearance of the Planet, the two-cylinder version was renamed Jupiter.

IZH Planet

In 1962, a new single-cylinder motorcycle was developed on the IZH-58 chassis. It was named IZH Planeta.

Both motorcycles were maximally unified among themselves and differed only in engines. If desired, the power unit from one model to another can be rearranged, which is still practiced.

Rare now IZH Jupiter of the first series. Photo: Youtube.com

The Planet differed from the previous version even in appearance:

  • ? New gas tank
  • ? Easily removable saddle
  • ? Other mufflers and guards front and rear

The resource of the motorcycle has been increased by 2 km compared to the previous version of the bike. The engine developed 000 liters. With.

IZH Planet/Jupiter-2

In 1965, the next generation of Izhevsk motorcycles appeared. First, IZH Jupiter-2 was presented, then the single-cylinder Planet-2.

Externally, motorcycles did not differ much from the previous generation. Most importantly, these are improved engines with increased power. At the Planet, it increased to 15,5 liters. s., Jupiter - up to 19 liters. With.

IZH Planet-2. Photo: Youtube.com

As for the exterior, aluminum hubs appeared instead of the old steel ones. The pads were also new.

IZH Planet/Jupiter-3

The third generation of IZH motorcycles is considered the best. Until now, these bikes are valued, although it is now difficult to find options in perfect condition. The series debuted in 1971.

The model received a number of changes:

  • ? New design gas tank
  • ? Other glove boxes
  • ? Updated mud guards
  • ? Direction indicators appeared - for the first time in the series

Landing has become more comfortable due to the high seat and steering wheel.

The power of IZH Planet-3 increased to 18 hp. With. But Jupiter-3 became the fastest motorcycle - its engine was boosted to 25 hp. With.

The manufacturer responsibly approached the modernization of the model, collected feedback and complaints from owners from all over the Soviet Union and tried to make the perfect two-wheeled vehicle.

IZH Planet Sport

Separately, it is worth mentioning the motorcycle beyond generations. This is IZH Planet Sport - a new model created with an eye on Japanese modern technology of the 1970s.

IZH Planet Sport. Photo: Youtube.com

The motorcycle is single-cylinder, but its power was amazing - 32 hp. With. This was achieved by installing a modern engine with a high compression ratio. The oil did not need to be mixed with gasoline on its own - it was poured into a separate tank.

IZH Planet Sport was produced only as a loner. The model was assembled from 1973 to 1984, then the production of a unique bike for the USSR was abandoned.

IZH Planet Sport has always been a loss-making project. Due to the use of a number of foreign parts, the motorcycle was too expensive. Collected it all 11 years by hand. And the price could not be set higher than for foreign Java.

When the model was launched into the series, it was planned that it would be in demand abroad. For this reason, it was decided to use a number of foreign parts.

But foreigners were not interested in IZH Planet Sport. Gradually, the model was simplified in order to reduce the cost - the Japanese carburetor, separate lubrication, and foreign lighting equipment were removed. But still, the motorcycle remained unprofitable in production.

IZH Planet-4. Photo: Youtube.com

By the way, after replacing the Mikuni carburetor with the domestic K62M, the power could remain at the same level. It was reduced to 28 liters. With. due to a decrease in the compression ratio in order to increase the life of the engine.

IZH Planet/Jupiter-4

In 1980, the fourth generation of motorcycles debuted. The bikes have received a number of improvements, but most importantly, their appearance has seriously changed. Jupiter was the first to appear, the planet debuted 2 years later.

The design of the 1960s was completely forgotten, now the motorcycles looked in accordance with the fashion of the mid-1970s.

The models received a modern 12-volt electrical system.

IZH Jupiter-4. Photo: Youtube.com

By that time, it had already become completely clear that motorcycles in the USSR were bought mainly for rural areas. Therefore, IZH Planet / Jupiter-4 was finalized, focusing on improving cross-country ability.

Other changes:

  • ? Increased fork travel and improved fork blade strength
  • ? New rear dampers
  • ? Egnition lock

The power of IZH Planet-4 increased to 20 hp. With. The Jupiter-5 engine was boosted to 28 hp. With. - this is even more than that of Czech Java.
As it turned out, in the future, the power of Jupiter was excessive for the countryside. The model lost traction at low revs, the bike often overheated.

IZH Planet/Jupiter-5

The most popular models produced since 1985/1987. Jupiter came first, then the planet. These bikes survived the collapse of the Soviet Union and were produced in Russia until 2007/2008. The first to be removed from the conveyor was IZH Jupiter-5, a year later - Planet-5.

Motorcycles were outdated at the time of their appearance, both in design and in technical terms. Two-stroke engines should have long been replaced by four-stroke ones, although this would not have saved the motorcycle industry after the collapse of the USSR.

The Planet-5 engine was boosted to 22 hp. With. The Jupiter-5 motor, on the contrary, was deformed to 24 hp. c to improve low-end traction.

IZH Junker

One of the most modern modifications of IZH Jupiter-5 can be considered the Junker model. This cruiser-style bike was created in 2000.

The engine from IZH Jupiter-5 was modernized, but the lubrication system remained primitive - it was necessary to pour oil into the gas tank. But cooling became liquid. Power - 24,5 liters. With.

IZH Junker still surprises with an abundance of chromium. Photo: Youtube.com

The motorcycle was assembled in small batches until 2006, about 6 copies were made.

Outwardly, IZH Junker was an interesting bike, but on the technical side, he had enough problems, first of all, with an imperfect liquid cooling system.

There were attempts to equip IZH Planet motorcycles with Chinese-made four-stroke engines. The Izhevsk Mechanical Plant produced several copies, but serial production was never established.

Motorcycles IZH Planet/Jupiter of different generations are a page of the national history of two-wheeled vehicles. Until now, these bikes plow the roads in the Russian countryside, but every year there are fewer of them.


Photos used: https://youtube.com

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