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Soviet TO-18 loader versus an Asian modern model - everything is ambiguous

Soviet TO-18 loader versus an Asian modern model - everything is ambiguous
The authors of the Polygon-98 channel cannot sit in their garage. They are waiting for invitations to test the equipment; the larger the equipment, the better. And if you have to “revive” it before use, that’s also great. The guys don't mind updating their skills. Moreover, this time there is a chance to compare an old Soviet loader, which has not been operational for a long time, with a modern Chinese or Korean model. Of course, we had to tinker with the TO-18 before we managed to start the car. Instead of a gas tank, they adapted a canister and installed a charged battery. Turn the key and nothing happens. A few more attempts, and suddenly the TO-18 starts, as they say, with half a turn. And then the guys, out of old habit, set off to conquer off-road terrain. The Soviet loader immediately proved that it does not need roads. Moreover, the swamp is more of a standard work area for him.

After the TO-18 test, it was time for the Chinese loader. He immediately surprised with modern controls. For example, the bucket here needs to be manipulated using a joystick. And the loader itself moves due to manipulations with the steering column lever. Although, the controls are simpler and more intuitive in any case. But with cross-country ability, not everything is so good. Here the Soviet TO-18 loader is clearly in the lead.


Photos used: youtube.com

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