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“Zhiguli” with an upside-down engine – I wonder whether it will drive or not?

“Zhiguli” with an upside-down engine – I wonder whether it will drive or not?
Old cars are most often bought in order to finally “finish off” their residual life. There are situations when you need to drive something, but money is tight. Then they buy some “Zhiguli” or “Lada” for 50 thousand, maximum 150 thousand. If everything goes well, they will work for 5, or even 10 years with minimal investment. Some old cars are lucky enough to be purchased by enthusiasts and then restored.

But the VAZ-2106, which was bought by the author of the “Garage 54” channel, was the most unlucky of all. The car is unlikely to ever be restored to factory condition. She won't even be able to go to automotive heaven, working until she falls apart. No, this VAZ-2106 was purchased specifically for conducting “brutal” experiments. No matter what they did to him, the “Six” continues to live in spite of everything. And this refutes rumors that Zhigulis are not reliable cars. This time the car's engine is turned over. And in order for it to start and somehow work, the power unit had to be slightly modernized. The simplest methods are using a grinder and a semi-automatic welding machine. Smoking wildly, the car drove out of the garage, to the amusement of all the local hammer, chisel and allen wrench makers. But how far it will move - you will see for yourself by watching the video.


Photos used: youtube.com

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