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Stels Orion 100 – Chinese copy of Honda Super Cub with a Russian accent

Stels Orion 100 – Chinese copy of Honda Super Cub with a Russian accent
Mopeds have been “registered” in the Russian outback for a long time, but adults rarely rode them during Soviet times. It was considered undignified. But teenagers and older people loved this technique.

Everything changed in the 90s, after the collapse of the USSR. In an era of global shortages and hyperinflation, it turned out that mopeds are the ideal technology. They were distinguished by their efficiency - just to travel to work or to the shops.

But Soviet mopeds were not designed for adult men, especially in rural areas. It would be nice if we rode them alone. But in the villages it was often necessary to take a passenger, a bag of vegetables, grain or animal feed. The frames could not stand it, they broke, and the small-capacity engines also failed.

Stels Orion 100 – китайская копия Honda Super Cub с российским акцентомSoviet mopeds for adults were downright flimsy. Photo: Youtube.com

Gradually, Soviet technology was replaced by Chinese scooters. Four-stroke “fifty dollars” turned out to be too low-power. Therefore, small-capacity plants quickly rose to 75-80 cm3. Such mopeds and scooters have already coped not only with the rider, but also with the passenger.

They began to assemble similar equipment in Russia. Moreover, we did everything honestly - if they produced a scooter or moped with a volume of 100 cm3, it was registered as such. This automatically transferred small-capacity vehicles to the category of motorcycles.

This is exactly the Stels Orion 100. It is difficult to say exactly when this moped was produced. From approximately 2010 to 2015. Then the equipment was removed from the model range. But it is interesting at least because it is a copy of the legendary Honda Super Cub.


The Chinese didn’t put much effort into the design of the Stels Orion 100. As for the Russian assembler, he clearly chose this model for its resemblance to the Honda Super Cub. Although this is a motorcycle, judging by the engine capacity, it looks like a typical moped.

And this is the original Honda Super Cub for comparison. Photo: Youtube.com

At the same time, we will conduct a small educational program. If you look at it, all two-wheeled motorized vehicles can be divided into:

✅ Mopeds
✅ Mokiki
✅ Motorcycles

The first category is everything with pedals. The latter are used to start the engine. As for motorcycles, this is everything with an engine larger than 50 cm3.

But it has been the custom since at least the 1980s that everything small in size, up to fifty dollars, is called mopeds, although most models do not have pedals.

Returning to the appearance of the Stels Orion 100, it is worth noting that it is not attractive in any way. The moped (although documented as a motorcycle) looks fragile. Unless the double seat hints at the possibility of carrying a passenger.

Something that is not obvious is that the rear suspension has been strengthened. “Breaking through” it is quite difficult even with a rider weighing just over 100 kg.

Stels Orion 100 pleases with a round headlight. Photo: Youtube.com

Cross-country ability and adaptability to rural areas and forest paths are enhanced by the R17 wheels. This is not a scooter, but a full-fledged moped; it was developed for such operating conditions.


Surprisingly, the Stels Orion 100 is comfortable for almost everyone in the standard height and weight range. Unless the rider is more than two meters and over 150 kg - then he will have a hard time. But for such large-sized comrades, rare motorcycles are generally suitable, and far from small ones.

You can sit on the Stels Orion 100 with a straight back, so even on long trips, fatigue does not set in soon. Of course, this is far from a grand tour, but no one demands more from a moped.

I liked that the equipment has three locks, but they all open with one key. This:

✅ Ignition
✅ Tank neck
✅ Anti-theft

The latter is located under the lower traverse. By the way, for those who are used to using scooters, there is one “extra” procedure. To drive, you will first have to open the gas tap and turn on the enrichment.

The dashboard of the Stels Orion 100 has a tachometer and a trip odometer. Photo: Youtube.com

The Stels Orion 100 has an electric starter, but if the battery runs out, the moped can be started with a kick. Only the shape of the latter is inconvenient - there is nowhere to put your right foot.

Features of the model

Despite the fact that the Stels Orion 100 is a light motorcycle, it looks like a typical moped. Therefore, it is unlikely to attract the attention of traffic police inspectors. But this does not mean that you should drive without a license. It is better to register the equipment as required by law. However, if you do not plan to travel on public roads, then you can.

Under the saddle of the Stels Orion 100 there is a small area for a modest set of tools. A suitcase definitely won’t fit there, but a few keys will do.

As practice has shown, Stels Orion 100 is simple and reliable. Photo: Youtube.com

The moped dashboard is very informative. Not only is there a tachometer, but it is also marked up to 12 thousand revolutions. Of course, it is unlikely that it will be possible to spin the engine to such values, but still.

But the tank is modest - only 3,5 liters of fuel. But the consumption is also small - on average 2-2,5 liters. per 100 km.

The Stels Orion 100 has drum brakes, but they do the job. Moreover, the absence of disks is rather an advantage for those who will operate the equipment in off-road conditions.

The moped weighs about 80 kg - if necessary, it can be easily lifted and pulled out of the mud. If not even the whole thing, then first the front part, and then the back.

According to the passport, Stels Orion 100 can carry up to 138 kg. In fact, it easily pulls two hundred. The main thing is to move carefully - the Chinese frame is far from the best example of strength.

The Stels Orion 100 engine can easily pull two people. Photo: Youtube.com

Engine volume – 97,2 cm3. Power – 7 l. With. Maximum speed – 85 km/h. But it’s not worth driving at the limit, especially for a long time - engines from the Middle Kingdom do not like to operate at high speeds.

The power supply system is carburetor. Fuel comes from the tank by gravity. Simple and reliable - no fuel pumps and can be repaired with your own hands on the road.

The gearbox is four-speed. All stages switch on clearly, neutral is caught the first time. The transmission to the rear wheel is chain.

How to ride

Any moped is not intended for the modern Russian metropolis. Anything Chinese that is less than 100 cm3 cannot be kept level in the traffic flow and is seen as a nuisance.

But the main problem is the attitude of car drivers. They don’t see mopeds and scooters and don’t want to let them pass. In the warm countries of the EU and Asia, they have long been accustomed to small-capacity vehicles, but here they appear suddenly in late spring, frightening drivers.

The wheels of the Stels Orion 100 are spoked, and on later models they are cast. Photo: Youtube.com

In general, without the ability to get ahead of cars at a traffic light, the Stels Orion 100 is simply dangerous in the city. Although, it is ideal for traffic jams.

There is absolutely nothing for a moped to do on the highway. The maximum speed of 85 km/h is when the engine wears out in the red zone according to the tachometer. And this is still not enough to stay in the traffic flow.

And the Stels Orion 100 literally blows away on the highway. Especially when trucks drive by. And fuel consumption at high speeds increases to 3,5 liters. This is just a full tank for 100 km - you can “dry it out” just like that. Therefore, it is recommended to take with you a plastic bottle with an “emergency” supply of fuel, or better yet a five-liter canister.

But in the forest or in the field, a moped is ideal. The power unit pulls at low speeds, so you can slowly move where “evil” cross-country models pass. Naturally, not at the same speed as them, but why should a mushroom picker or fisherman rush?

And fuel consumption in this mode does not exceed two liters - this is if you drive without a load. It turns out that Stels Orion 100 is ideal for rural areas.

At the back, the Stels Orion 100 has not only room for a passenger, but also a trunk. Photo: Youtube.com

Why then are mopeds everywhere being replaced by scooters? Most likely, this is a matter of prestige. Plus, driving on a “stool” is easier - there is no gearbox or clutch.

Stels Orion 100 has been out of production for 10 years. But the moped turned out to be successful, so if it comes on sale, and in good condition, you can take it. This is a replica of the Honda Super Cub, so parts won't be a problem. If you really want to, you can even order Japanese parts - and this will increase the resource.

The only serious drawback is its nondescript appearance. Stels Orion 100 looks frankly outdated.


Photos used: youtube.com, problembo.com

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