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BelGee X70 has already appeared in Russia - we are waiting for the start of official sales

BelGee X70 has already appeared in Russia - we are waiting for the start of official sales
BelGee began deliveries of its new model to Russian dealers. This is the BelGee X70 - a complete analogue of the well-known and even popular Atlas Pro from Geely among our drivers. Some of the cars are already in Russian showrooms, but they have not yet been put up for sale. Prices are also kept secret.

Let us remind you that Geely Atlas Pro has been produced in Belarus for several years. This is not a “screwdriver assembly”, but a much more complete process that includes welding and painting the body.

BelGee X70 is called a licensed copy of Geely Atlas Pro. The differences between the new model are different nameplates, emblems and a screen saver on the on-board computer.

BelGee X70 уже появились в России – ждем старт официальных продажExternally, the BelGee X70 is no different from the Geely Atlas Pro, except for the nameplates. Photo: belgee.by

So far, only one crossover from BelGee is offered in Russia – the compact X50. This is also a licensed copy, only the Geely Coolray model.

In Russia, the BelGee X70 will be offered in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions. Under the hoods of the cars there will be one engine, but with different power. This is a one and a half liter power unit with 150 and 177 hp. With. respectively. Naturally, the 4x4 version will be more productive.

But the gearboxes of cars are different. The front-wheel drive BelGee X70 is equipped with a classic 6-automatic transmission. The 4x4 version received a seven-speed “robot” with two clutches.

The length of the new car is identical to the Geely Atlas Pro – 4,54 meters. This is a classic mid-size crossover that is suitable for a family with two or three children.

Many Russian drivers are perplexed by the appearance of BelGee brand cars. Why are they needed at all if the Belarusian plant is already assembling exactly the same cars, but under the Geely brand? But the Chinese had to pay a lot of money for the license.

But everything is simple - having bought permission to produce a model under its own brand, the Belarusian manufacturer now has the right to modify it. And you can localize BelGee exactly the way you want and conveniently.

There is enough space in the BelGee X70 cabin for the whole family. Photo: belgee.by

The BelGee press service stated that first of all it is necessary to gain a foothold in the Belarusian and Russian markets. The brand needs to be made recognizable. Therefore, cars are going to be sold not only through Geely dealerships, but also through their own car dealerships.

In addition to the X50 and X70 crossovers, which are already in production, BelGee plans to master the assembly of a sedan based on the Emgrand. Most likely, it will be called BelGee S50. It is possible that production of the model will start before the end of 2024.

By the way, the main market for BelGee is Russia. 70-80% of cars produced in Belarus go to our country. Moreover, both Geely and BelGee.


Photos used: belgee.by

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