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Modern Belarusian agricultural machinery and its little Chinese secret

Modern Belarusian agricultural machinery and its little Chinese secret
Belarusian cargo, agricultural and construction equipment is traditionally considered better than Russian. It’s difficult to say whether this is true or not, but in Soviet times it was distinguished by its quality. Now, it seems, the habit of praising foreign things has worked. Our own, they say, is bad, but in another country everything is better. But in Russia everything has long been Chinese. To find out what equipment is currently being produced in Belarus, it is advisable to visit local exhibitions, like Belagro-2024. It is clear that in most cases it will not be possible to do this personally. But thanks to bloggers, this will be possible without leaving home.

So, MTZ presented several new models. Firstly, this is the Belarus-2103 tracked tractor. The index is like the old Soviet Zhiguli, but in fact it is a universal car of the fourth traction class. Thanks to the caterpillar drive, the tractor is suitable for working on marshy soils. Or in early spring after a flood. The most interesting thing about the model is the classic steering wheel, like in wheeled models. No need to relearn levers. And it’s easier for the manufacturer – unification. MTZ also presented a tractor with an “autopilot”. It plows independently, and the operator can only observe the process. MAZ trucks were also at the exhibition. But this technique has one thing in common – a little Chinese secret. Which one you will see for yourself by watching the video on the “this is avby” channel.


Photos used: youtube.com

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