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Chevrolet Lacetti decided not to discontinue production - this sedan is also available for Russians

Chevrolet Lacetti decided not to discontinue production - this sedan is also available for Russians
UzAuto Motors will continue serial production of the Chevrolet Lacetti. It was originally planned to remove the model from the assembly line in April of this year. But sharply increased demand forced us to reconsider plans.

How long the life cycle of the Chevrolet Lacetti has been extended is unknown. The manufacturer was vague about this. They say until the components run out. Specific dates have not been announced.

This was clearly done on purpose. After all, if you say that budget sedans will be produced as long as demand continues, there will be no excitement. But if you keep potential clients in suspense, they say, hurry up, otherwise you won’t have time, then you can count on “explosive” sales.

Chevrolet Lacetti решили не снимать с производства – этот седан доступен и для россиянThe Chevrolet Lacetti engine is simple and repairable. Photo: Youtube.com

Practice has shown that this method works. For example, in less than a month of May, more than 7,8 thousand new Chevrolet Lacetti cars were sold in Uzbekistan. Sales soared precisely against the backdrop of the news that the model would be removed from the assembly line.

The car has long been loved by drivers of Uzbekistan and other CIS countries, primarily Russia. The model may be unprepossessing, but it is a Chevrolet. Many of our drivers are willing to overpay for the brand rather than buy a domestic Lada. Moreover, even the basic versions of the Lacetti have richer equipment.

By the way, it should be noted that structurally the car has little in common with classic American Chevrolets. After all, this brand rarely works in the budget segment. Lacetti is more like a Daewoo. When this brand was absorbed by an American concern, affordable subcompact Chevrolets also appeared.

In Russia, the Lacetti model is well known. Moreover, it was once the best-selling car in our country. Officially, it was offered to us from 2004 to 2013. Then the model was available in three body types - sedan, station wagon and hatchback.

Then for several years the Chevrolet Lacetti was offered under the Daewoo and Ravon brands. But there was no longer a variety of body types - only a sedan.

The interior of the Chevrolet Lacetti is simple, but everything is assembled with high quality. Photo: Youtube.com

Externally, the Chevrolet Lacetti looks simple and uncomplicated. Of course, its platform is outdated. Under the hood there is now only one uncontested engine with a volume of 1,5 liters and a power of 106 hp. With.

The engine has a cast iron cylinder block, which is rare for new cars. The power unit is reliable and problem-free, especially since it has a timing chain drive.

It is also worth noting the ground clearance of 160 mm and a fairly spacious interior for its class. Of course, the seats here are only fabric, but the material is of high quality and wear-resistant.


Photos used: youtube.com

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