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Visit to the Russian Tonar plant - we are expanding and producing unique dump trucks

Visit to the Russian Tonar plant - we are expanding and producing unique dump trucks
The Russian Tonar plant is a unique enterprise for our country. It has nothing in common with the Soviet Union, because it already developed in Russia. Although, the beginning was made precisely in the USSR. Back in the 1980s, several enthusiasts working at the LiAZ plant assembled a trailer for a passenger car. The design was much more powerful than what Soviet industry offered at that time, and accordingly, the load capacity was also higher. Other drivers periodically wanted to buy the trailer, so the Tonar enterprise was registered in 1990. Starting with trailers for passenger cars, the plant closely followed market trends. In the 90s, Tonar became famous for its mobile kiosks, and then developed semi-trailers for trucks.

Now the plant continues to develop. It has been producing its own off-road dump trucks for a long time. Of course, these are improvements to Chinese models, but partially import-substituted. Plus, Tonar has its own original dump trucks with an articulated frame. Yes, they are also copied. And engines with gearboxes for equipment from the Middle Kingdom. But in Russia no one produces such dump trucks anymore. In Belarus there is MOAZ, which does something similar. You will find out for yourself how Tonar is developing and what is going on at this plant by watching the video on the MotorProject channel.


Photos used: youtube.com

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