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Volvo announced the EX60 EV crossover

Volvo announced the EX60 EV crossover
Swedish automaker Volvo is expanding its portfolio of electric SUVs with another model – the company has announced the release of the EX60. According to brand representatives, the new car will surpass its competitors due to several important innovations for the industry.

The new product will roll off the assembly line in 2025 and will replace the current mid-size XC60 model. The EX60 will slot between the smaller EX40 and the premium flagship EX90.

Volvo анонсировал EV-кроссовер EX60 The XC60 is retiring, but the EX60 has a familiar design. Photo: youtube.com

According to official information, the electric car uses the platform that previously formed the basis of the flagship EX90. Batteries with capacities up to 100 kilowatt-hours are supported. The power reserve can reach 640 kilometers.

In terms of design, the EX60 will be based on both the entry-level EX30 and EX90, cleverly combining design elements we already know.

In particular, the new electric crossover will receive bright LED headlights, door handles flush with the body, and the panel instead of the radiator grille will be the same as in the models described above.

But what distinguishes the new product from models that have already entered the market earlier is a fundamentally new approach to installing batteries.

For the first time, Volvo is installing a structural battery pack, as Tesla and BYD, for example, do. It is more tightly integrated into the vehicle's underbody than other models to increase energy density and improve handling through an even lower center of gravity.

This way of installing the batteries is made possible by the new rear body, which Volvo casts from a single piece of aluminum using the mega-casting process. Previously, several parts were used for this, assembled together.

There probably won’t be any significant changes in the interior, since the CX60 is fine with that too. Photo: youtube.com

According to the manufacturer, this approach to car assembly makes it possible to reduce weight by 20% and at the same time increase the service life of the cast body component.

According to Volvo, a number of innovations are planned, which the company describes as an evolution of the company's electric platform. However, there are no details on this issue yet.

Despite the fact that it is too early to talk about a shortage of electric crossovers, and the European electric vehicle market primarily needs affordable small cars, Volvo is focusing on the production of large-sized electric vehicles.


Photos used: youtube.com

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