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Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Cosworth is an old car that can surprise

Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Cosworth is an old car that can surprise
Mercedes 190E is a once popular car in Russia. These cars are still seen on the roads, but every year they become less common. And the view, it is worth noting with regret, often evokes pity. It is rare to find a surviving example. And sometimes such cars are even restored. Although, the Mercedes 190E is not the rarest car. There are more interesting models from this German manufacturer, not so mass-produced. But not everyone is aware that the Mercedes-Benz 190E range was extensive and multifaceted. Some modifications in the line were striking both in appearance and technical characteristics. And the author of the channel “Ivan Zenkevich PRO cars” found one of the rarest Mercedes-Benz 190E. Under the hood it has a naturally aspirated engine with a capacity of 204 liters. With. And this is not tuning from Brabus or AMG. The car was modified by Cosworth specialists.

It turned out, it should be noted, stylishly. And both inside and outside. But the main thing is the engine. The engine was assembled by hand, some parts were even cast independently. It seems that 204 hp. With. with a volume of 2,5 liters this is not much, but for the late 1980s such parameters were impressive. Overall, the car is beautiful. I am glad that it has been preserved to this day, or rather, restored. And it was difficult and expensive.


Photos used: youtube.com

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