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UAZ Profi or GAZelle farmer - which car is more practical?

UAZ Profi or GAZelle farmer - which car is more practical?
In the segment of small-tonnage trucks of domestic production, such models as UAZ Profi and GAZelle-Farmer stand out. Both options can often be seen on city streets and in rural areas, but most potential buyers have the opportunity to choose only one. Let's figure out what to buy.

Briefly about UAZ Profi

For many years, the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant was treading water with a modest catalog of models, which included the Patriot, Hunter and a few more "ancient" cabovers. Many expected the release of a crossover from UAZ, at least close to modern standards, but did not wait. On the other hand, the plant presented a low-tonnage lorry-lorry Profi for business tasks.

УАЗ Профи или ГАЗель-фермер – какой из авто более практичный?The exterior is immediately recognizable as a Patriot. Photo: youtube.com

The manufacturer positions the model as a direct competitor to Gazelle-Business. The platform for its production was taken from the UAZ-Patriot and noticeably improved: a 500 mm long spacer was installed in the middle, and the frame itself was reinforced with transverse beams for additional load capacity.

The car has five modifications - three rear-wheel drive and two all-wheel drive, with a single-row or double-row cab. Additional 12 options for body add-ons are offered, including a school bus, a milk barrel, a crane-manipulator and others.

Briefly about GAZelle Farmer

The GAZelle-farmer utility vehicle, also known as the GAZ-33023, is much older than its competitor. The first model of the series went into production back in 1995. Since then, there has been a restyling of GAZelles in 2010, and the appearance of GAZelle-Next, and "farmers" still drive around Russia in their original form.

An ancient but time-tested design. Photo: youtube.com

The car is available in 12 modifications - they differ in the presence of an awning, all-wheel drive, power steering, engine model and wheelbase length. All models are designed to carry up to five passengers and no more than 1200 kg of cargo. The volume of the body is 4,5 cubic meters. m.

Cars can be found both in the city and in the countryside. Especially widely "farmers" are used in small businesses, including as a vehicle for transporting equipment and teams of workers. The all-wheel drive modification of the GAZ-330273 is completely capable of “digesting” almost any road, although it is inferior in this regard to a competitor, but more on that later.

Compare models

At first glance, UAZ Profi looks much more modern and attractive compared to its competitor from Nizhny Novgorod. This is understandable, because the GAZ-33023 has received practically no changes since 1994, while the UAZ was first introduced in 2017. But does this mean that the GAZelle farmer is inferior to him? Do not rush to draw conclusions - let's compare both models.


Overall dimensions of UAZ Profi are 5940 mm long, 1990 mm wide and 1900 mm high. The wheelbase is 3500 mm. The dimensions of the loading platform are 3890x1870 mm for the standard version, and 3890x2060 mm for the extended version. Curb and gross weight - 1990 and 3500 kg, respectively. Loading height - 986 mm.

GAZelle clearly wins in terms of spaciousness - there are as many as 4 seats in the back. Photo: youtube.com

The dimensions of the standard version of the GAZ-33023 "Farmer" look like this: 5540 mm long, 2066 mm wide and 2274 mm high. The wheelbase is 2900 mm for the regular modification and 3500 mm for the long version (model GAZ-330232). The internal dimensions of the cargo platform are 2339x1978 mm or 3089x1978 mm for the long version. Loading height - 960 mm.

Conclusion: UAZ Profi allows you to load larger items onto the platform than even the GAZelle-farmer modification, which is increased in length, not to mention the standard one. The competitor has only a slight advantage in width and a very small advantage in loading height.


The ground clearance of the UAZ Profi car is 210 mm, while the GAZelle farmer is significantly lower - only 170 cm from the surface to the bottom. It is also important to consider here that in both cases, the load on the platform reduces the clearance by several percent.

In short, UAZ Profi is noticeably superior to its competitor in terms of cross-country ability. This plus is due not only to the increased ground clearance, but also to the very origin of the car - in fact, this is a modification of the UAZ-Patriot SUV, created just for driving on bad roads and off-road.


The rear-wheel drive modification of the UAZ Profi with a single-row cab can take on board a maximum of 1510 kg of cargo. In this parameter, it is 50% superior to its competitor, which in the regular version is capable of carrying up to 1000 kg of cargo, and in the extended version - no more than 1200 kg. The advantage is very significant, especially when it comes to the use of transport for the needs of small businesses.

Fuel consumption

In the combined cycle, the fuel consumption of a UAZ Profi car is about 11,8 l / 100 km for the rear-wheel drive version and 13,8 l / 100 km for the all-wheel drive version. In the case of the GAZelle farmer, consumption depends on the motor. Petrol consumes 13 l / 100 km when driving at a speed of 80 km / h, diesel consumes less - about 10,3 l / 100 km under similar driving conditions.

Fuel tank

The all-wheel drive version of the UAZ Profi is equipped with a 93-liter fuel tank, while in the rear-wheel drive version, its capacity is almost a third less and amounts to 68 liters. GAZ-33023 in this regard did not go far ahead with its 70-liter tank.

UAZ Profi is not afraid to drive through mud and snowdrifts. Photo: youtube.com

Average maintenance price

The UAZ official website has a calculator that allows you to find out the cost of any stage of maintenance in two clicks, as well as view the full list of works. So, for a rear-wheel drive version without HBO, the cost of TO1 is 3700 rubles, while the price tag of the same GAZelle farmer model is almost 3 times more.

For TO2, the owner of a Profi will have to pay an average of 8800 rubles, and the owner of a “farmer” will have to pay a couple of thousand more. The most expensive maintenance for UAZ is TO6, costing about 15000 rubles. In the case of the GAZ-33023, you will have to pay less, namely about 9500 rubles. In many ways, the cost depends on the service center and region, so the prices above are approximate.


The new UAZ Profi in an all-wheel drive version with a single-row cab is sold at an average price of 1,165 million rubles. The GAZelle-farmer in its original form is no longer available - it has been replaced by the GAZelle-business, the cost of which starts from 1,435 million rubles.

As for the secondary market, both cars can be bought in good condition and at a good discount. You can really find UAZ Profi light trucks at a price in the region of 600-700 thousand rubles and more, depending on the mileage, year of manufacture and region.

In the case of the GAZelle-farmer, the range is even wider - you can buy a car even for 120 thousand rubles. Of course, it will be a car that with some probability will be even older than the buyer. If you want a more or less “fresh version”, models of 2017-2018 years of production are sold at a price in the region of 700-900 thousand rubles, again, depending on equipment and modifications.

Summing up

To begin with, consider the advantages of UAZ Profi over the GAZelle farmer, which are enough:

  • ? clear superiority in terms of cross-country ability
  • ? more modern engine range
  • ? best equipment as standard
  • ? design meets current standards
  • ? 30-50% more load capacity
  • ? lower maintenance cost

"Farmer" also has something to oppose to the product of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant:

  • ✅ slightly smaller turning radius
  • ✅ cabover layout, and this is the best overview
  • ✅ lower loading height on the platform
  • ✅ the presence of a rear underride bar
  • ✅ lower fuel consumption in the combined cycle
  • ✅ more spacious cabin for five people
  • ✅ lower cost in the basic configuration

Based on the pros and cons of both models, UAZ Profi really seems like a more interesting choice. It surpasses the competitor in terms of carrying capacity, and in terms of cross-country ability, and in the novelty of technologies and solutions implemented during production, and it simply looks more beautiful. "Farmer" is more suitable for those who do not plan to get far out of town and put the spaciousness of the cabin in one of the first places. Otherwise, both models will find their target audience.


Photos used: youtube.com

Which of the two cars do you prefer?


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